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Why Jaipuri Bedsheets are everyone’s choice?

Reasons to fall in Love with Jaipuri Bedsheets


Bedsheets as we all know are a processed & printed piece of fabric used to cover the bed for its protection against dirt & also helps increase the visual appeal of your bedroom. A basic required commodity for every single household all across the world, we all know today that there are hundreds and thousands of bed sheets and bed linen products available in the market today. Why Jaipuri Bedsheets are everyone’s choice? Available in various styles, designs, patterns, fabrics & prints to choose from, a very wide array of bed sheets both online and offline are available in India to pick as per your taste in colors, printing styles, fabrics used, etc.

Why Jaipuri Bedsheets are everyone’s choice? Out of all these bedsheets, when we talk about the printing style or printing technique used in manufacturing a particular bedsheet, two major kind of bedsheets are available in the markets worldwide viz. Hand Printed Bedsheets and machine printed or as we call digitally or rotary printed bed sheets. When we talk about the machine printed bed sheets, they are mass produced in factories keeping in mind the vast demand to be met all over the world also as these are mass produced, these generally have a very low manufacturing cost which in turn makes the final product quite cost effective. Whereas on the other hand, the hand-made or hand printed bedsheets cannot be mass produced due to limited human efficiency and are also not as cost effective as their machine-made counter products. In India the pink city of the country or as we know the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan is famous all over the globe for its hand printed products.

In Jaipur there are two manual printing techniques of fabric printing which are first, the millennial old traditional Hand-Block printing and the other is a screen-printing process. Out of these two, the hand block printing process is one of the world’s oldest ways of fabric printing where a craftsman first carves the required design on a block of wood or on multiple blocks of wood as per the requirement of the design elements. Thereafter, these wooden blocks are used to stamp the designs on the fabric after they are covered in printing colors. Repetitive stamping of various blocks in a particular manner using various colors, the most beautiful designs are made on the fabric which is then left to dry, steamed & cured to set the colors on the fabric. Using this technique on a fabriWhy Jaipuri Bedsheets are everyone's choice?c used to make bedsheets, the most beautiful and subtle patterns in soothing colors are produced and the most beautiful bed sheets, bed covers and other products are made. Screen printing on the other hand is a manner where a design is printed on the fabric using a sieve-like structure called a screen where in a particular color is allowed to pass through from one screen, therefore the no. of required colors in a design is the no. of screens made so that it can be placed over the fabric one by one, and the colors are then rolled over it so that the final design is imprinted on the fabric below.

Jaipur Dharohar has always believed in providing their customers with high quality and beautiful products that will surely enhance & beautify your living spaces as with thee right products you can sure compliment your existing home décor & is always there to provide a increment to décor both in terms of quality & quantity to choose from.

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