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Razai / Quilt

Discover the Artistry Jaipuri Razai / quilt with Jaipur Dharohar

Welcome to the world of Jaipur Dharohar, where tradition meets craftsmanship in the creation of exquisite Jaipuri Razai (quilt). Established in 2018, Jaipur Dharohar has become a beacon of authentic hand-block printed textiles, bringing the rich cultural heritage of Jaipur into your home.

Razai / QuiltThe Essence of Jaipuri Razai / quilt

A Jaipuri Razai / quilt is more than just a quilt; it’s a symbol of Rajasthan’s vibrant artistic heritage. Known for their lightweight, warmth, and intricate designs, these razai/quilt are handcrafted with precision and care. Jaipur Dharohar’s Razai/quilt are made using high-quality mulmul (muslin) cotton and filled with pure cotton, ensuring comfort and durability.

Hand-Block Printing: A Timeless Tradition 

At the heart of Jaipur Dharohar’s quilts is the ancient art of hand-block printing. This traditional technique involves skilled artisans meticulously carving designs onto wooden blocks, which are then used to print patterns on the fabric. This process not only preserves the artisanal heritage but also ensures that each quilt is unique.

Diverse Designs and Patterns

Jaipur Dharohar offers a wide array of designs, each telling a story of its own. From floral motifs to geometric patterns, every quilt is a testament to the creativity and skill of the artisans. The reversible designs add versatility, allowing you to change the look of your bedding with a simple flip.

The Making of a Jaipuri Razai / quilt

Creating a Jaipuri Razai/quilt is a labor-intensive process that involves several stages:

  1. Designing: Artists draw intricate patterns, often inspired by nature and traditional Rajasthani motifs.

  2. Block Carving: Skilled craftsmen carve these designs onto wooden blocks.

  3. Printing: The fabric is hand-printed using these blocks, layer by layer, with natural dyes.

  4. Quilting: The printed fabric is then layered with cotton filling and hand-stitched to create the final quilt.

Why Choose Jaipur Dharohar?

  1. Quality Materials: Only the finest mulmul cotton and pure cotton filling are used.

  2. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each quilt is a product of meticulous handwork by skilled artisans.

  3. Unique Designs: The use of traditional hand-block printing techniques ensures that no two quilts are exactly alike.

  4. Eco-Friendly Practices: Natural dyes and sustainable practices are integral to the production process.

  5. Versatility: Reversible designs provide two looks in one, adding value to your purchase.

Supporting Artisan Communities of Razai / quilt

By choosing Jaipur Dharohar, you are not only bringing home a piece of art but also supporting the artisan communities who are the custodians of this heritage craft. Jaipur Dharohar is committed to empowering these artisans by providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and earn a livelihood.

Experience the Comfort and Elegance of Razai / quilt

Transform your home with the elegance and comfort of Jaipuri Razai/quilt from Jaipur Dharohar. Whether you are looking for something cozy for the winter or a light cover for the summer, these quilts are perfect for any season. Visit Jaipur Dharohar to explore the full range of hand-block printed quilts and other artisanal products.

Embrace the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with Jaipur Dharohar’s Jaipuri Razai/quit and add a touch of Rajasthan’s royal heritage to your home.


Jaipur Dharohar’s hand block printed Razai/Quilt are more than just quilts; they are pieces of art that embody the rich tradition and craftsmanship of Jaipur. Each Razai/quilt is a unique creation, meticulously crafted to offer both beauty and functionality. By choosing a Jaipuri Razai from Jaipur Dharohar, you are not only getting a high-quality product but also supporting the artisans who keep this traditional craft alive.

Explore the beautiful collection of Jaipuri Razai/quilt at Jaipur Dharohar and bring home a piece of art that combines comfort, elegance, and cultural heritage.



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