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It is about placing an idea for perusal and consideration; it is about persuasion of a message built on logic and arguments; it is about reinforcing a point with oratory skill graphics and audio. The biggest advantage presentations bring to the campaigner is that they allow the impact that written words may lack and create a sense of immediacy inviting response. And communicator power helps the power to sink ineffectively.


Yet the most important thing to remember is that it’s not about delivering a speech. You are actually talking to someone and he deserves to be comfortably inducted to an idea. A good presenter makes the audience think continually. What they think depends on how the presentation is structured, because only through the patterned delivery you can control and direct their thinking with the input of cultured presentation skill. It is worthwhile to impact with the ideas but it is all the more important and challenging in making it interesting. You cannot afford to bore your audience. You would have lost the game even before you have started, in such eventuality.


The entire process could be divided into three parts, each demanding respective importance and accordingly structured by inputs from experts in the team








What are there fears, worries and biases? What can motivate them? Who could be friend who could be the opposition? And finally who is the final decision maker. A person who takes the final decision would be the man or woman who has a stake the outcome. And he will be the person to judge you. Speak to his views. That does not mean you are surrendering you point of view If you are convinced that it will produce a better result, but you would actually tailor you content to juxtapose on his views and show how it makes more sense.


Strategies your Presentation-What you deliver will have to be planned and structured. It will have to have a strategy on which you build your message and also decide the media through which you deliver it.

Prepare for the Presentation Situation-After deciding on the presentation strategy, importance has to be attached to the preparation on the presentation.

  • Clients concentrate on what they want to hear.
  • Sometimes good ideas, for reasons that may not seem logical, face rejection.
  • A fresh idea could be resisted. So use tact to handle such situation.
  • Remember their unfamiliarity with you could make them skeptical on your caliber. So prepare well.

Planning the Presentation-

  • The first thing its tone.
  • The ideal way would be to show a relaxed stayed yet not letting the seriousness of your thoughts escape the notice of your prospect. KEEP YOURSELF FLEXIBLE. We know the mission must be accomplished and here’s how we are going to get there.
  • If possible choose the time of presentation when your client could be in relaxed frame on mind. The theme should start making sense right form the begging. Remember, you always have to get across an idea with your target. Make it strong.
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